Founder & Lead Consultant

I love seeing successful studios at the heart of healthy, happy communities.

I’m a San Diego based MINDBODY Certified Business Consultant and have worked with more than two dozen MINDBODY clients helping them grow revenue, memberships, and improve the overall client experience.  I’ve been there, and I know running a studio isn’t for the faint of heart.

Prior to consulting, I worked for 7 years in corporate sales and recruiting. After teaching yoga on the side for years, I left the rat race to take over a yoga studio in 2012. I grew profitability by over 40% in less than a year and loved combining the soul of yoga with the determination of entrepreneurship. This experience, paired with the MINDBODY Certified Consulting program gave me the tools to coach studios on how to become and STAY profitable.

I offer solutions through remote and on-site consulting, speaking, and sales training. My areas of focus include MINDBODY Online usage/reporting, talent management, pricing, sales, and operations.

So, what’s stopping you? Let’s work together to meet your business goals, drive revenue, create a memorable brand, and ultimately THRIVE.


Consultant & KPI Guru

I empower decision-makers to create measurable and positive change.

Currently a yoga studio owner and yoga instructor, my life before yoga was in data and reporting. I spent nearly twenty years in enterprise reporting, data analysis and predictive modeling. I developed the only product in the media/telecom industry to estimate video subscribers by geography for all wired and satellite cable/satellite TV companies. I worked in both California and Europe developing enterprise reporting tools for Business Objects (now a part of SAP). I was a data analyst for the auto insurance division of ADP, where I analyzed millions of rows of transactional data to create insight into industry trends, define industry best practices and identify opportunities for individual companies.

am currently studying to be a MindBody Consultant because I have a deep passion to provide decision makers with actionable information. I believe that data becomes business intelligence when it is actionable, when it is presented in such a way that the recipient is able to identify opportunities and predict possible outcomes from changes in strategy and business practices.