Design a fail proof sales process at your studio

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Design a fail proof sales process at your studio

Let’s get something straight before you read any further.You don’t have to con your clients into making a purchase. That’s not sales…. especially in a yoga or fitness studio. I often hear “I don’t want people to feel sold to” or “I don’t want to be a salesy studio.” And I hear ya! I wouldn’t want to feel that way either. But, if you want your studio to survive the increasingly competitive fitness landscape, you have to learn to sell your services the right way. Good news…. it’s easier than you think.  It’s all about understanding your clients, and why they came to you. Remember that. They came to you. Now it’s up to you to keep them and guide them to the buying decision that’s right for them! Here’s how to design a fail proof sales process at your studio.


*Define your funnel & price right:

You have to know where your prospect is introduced to you and what path you want them to take towards becoming a long term client. Make it seamless. Make it brainless. Make it easy for your staff to communicate. Make it affordable to YOUR audience. For example, you might offer a great intro offer with many opportunities to try your product, then an upsell to membership and finally long term membership perks…With plenty communication along the way.


*Hire the right staff for the job:

Do you have 20 trade clients running your front desk? Or is your desk staff quickly typing in names, saying hello and then checking in on Insta as soon as their “job” is done? It is absolutely vital to have a staff that sells for your sales process to work! They have to be interested in the client AND excited to grow your membership community. They should be paying attention to the number of days left on an intro offer and talking to the client about the perks of membership. Are they upselling clients that are blowing through a 10 pack to membership? Your staff must be passionate about what you do, and let that passion sell the product. As you hire, be really clear about expectations and let the staff know how important they are to the process. (It doesn’t hurt to offer commission for membership sales either).


*Train your staff to ask the right questions:

You can’t assume you know everything about the people that walk through the door. Ask them why they decided to give you a try. What are they hoping to accomplish? What will make them feel successful? What kind of time are they able to commit? The answers to these questions tell you and your staff everything about what purchase is right for them. You won’t have to sell a thing. You’ll simply be guiding the client toward the price option that meets her/his needs.


*Stay in front of your clients:

We all have about 267 on our to do lists every day. Odds are that making time to think about our next yoga class or when we will make it to barre again is not a high priority for most. And we are definitely not sitting in front of a computer analyzing pricing options at your studio. You have to remind us to think about you. Stay connected to your prospects. Send emails that make sense for that individual. Find an automated email marketing system that allows you to send emails based on triggers in behavior or time (we love LoyalSnap). MINDBODY also has some easy auto emails to make the process seamless. Call or text your clients at least once during their intro offer to get some feedback. Offer them your upsell offer over the phone AND be sure to talk about it in the studio and via email. Consumers need to see a product multiple times before buying in. It’s proven. Create a nurture campaign and stick to it.


Nurturing your prospects and clients is key to long term success and creating community. If you’d like to hear more tips or simply need guidance on how to create the best sales process for your studio, connect with me here!


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