“Laura’s recruiting support and sales training program were instrumental in helping us double our number of new memberships each month!”

“Thank GOD for Laura. We started working with her early on in the process of opening our first yoga studio. We might have been able to do it without her but we certainly would not have been able to do it this well. Thanks to Laura we’re only a month in and we’re already feeling strong, stable and confident that we’ll continue to be successful. We came into this project with a strong entrepreneurial background and a lot of great advisers but we absolutely needed Laura. It felt like having a crystal ball sometimes–who doesn’t need someone to say “yeah that never works for anyone”? She is a true wealth of information and just having her available to us makes us feel so much more secure.”
Bridget Regan, Owner, Honey Yoga

“Laura is beyond fabulous! Not only does her depth of knowledge and level of professionalism redefine exemplary, she has the exquisite ability to simplify the complex, sift through the mundane, and guide you and your team through streamlined processes for desired results, all the while making it fun and manageable. Some people just have that “thing”, ya know…it’s like magic! In other words, Laura is the Mary Poppins of Yoga Studios!”
Katy Conicella, Top Dog, Bulldog Yoga

“As a new studio owner, Studio Solutions assisted me with implementing pricing structure, new client incentive offers and a general management strategy, laying the groundwork toward profitability within months.  Laura’s vast experience with studio management, customer relations, and growth planning has been an invaluable asset, which enables me to focus on the product more, and worry less about the nuts and bolts of operations.  I would recommend Studio Solutions to any new or existing business that needs a solid plan for financial success.”
Lora Heiner Owner, Inhale Yoga & Fitness

“All of our franchise owners picked Laura as their favorite speaker at our annual conference.”

“My business partner and I made the decision to bring Laura Munkholm in to help us with a recent studio acquisition and an imminent launch of a new studio. Laura was indispensable in identifying flaws in our current pricing model and providing direction in how to run and interpret much needed reports in MBO. She also sourced and provided sales training for desk staff that are able to provide our customers with fair and insightful direction when making a purchasing decision. I highly recommend Laura with her substantial experience with yoga studios, staff and MBO.”
Shaun Jenkins Owner, Hale Holistic Yoga & The House of Yogi

“It is an honor to give a review of Laura, with Studio Solutions.  We hired Laura to speak at our annual owners meeting in March, 2016, for Studio Barre and we were blown away.  Her knowledge, expertise and professionalism was impeccable.  All of our owners picked her as their favorite speaker.  To have a real representative who knows so much about Mindbody, interacting with clients and more importantly becoming a confident business owner in all aspects of the fitness industry.  If you are thinking of hiring Laura to speak or consult, don’t hesitate she is more that worth the investment!” Lauren Gregory, Director of Operations, Studio Barre Franchising

“A business life saver! We hired Laura to help us start our yoga studio as a part of a prenatal wellness center. She offered her expertise with pricing, operations, MindBody Online, and recruiting to help us start out on the right foot. Because of her, we were able to hire the top prenatal teachers in our area, and established a solid business foundation that has helped us thrive in our first few months! Laura is professional, honest, and on time. She has always gone above and beyond for our Wellness Center and is always looking out for new ideas to increase sales and improve our customer service. Her support and expertise in the wellness/yoga space has been invaluable to our business. Frankly— we would not have the yoga business without her. She will have a huge impact on any business she works with, and I highly recommend her!”
Care M. Messer Director, Cap Wellness Center Owner, Birth Education Center

“Working with Laura has been incredibly helpful. I have found that one of the most challenging parts of owning a studio is the lack of peers to talk with about decisions that ultimately impact my staff and clients. Laura has been a wonderfully knowlegablge resource. Her sales training for my team sparked new ideas and enthusiasm. Laura did a great job of framing sales as an opportunity for education rather than making a bunch of yogis feel like they had to suddenly become sales people! I would highly recommend Laura to any wellness professional.”
Danielle Barbeau Cook Owner, The River Power Vinyasa Yoga & Young Warriors, Denver CO

“Laura Munkholm is fantastic! She has helped our studio immensely. After working with Laura for a few months, our studio now runs more smoothly. Our processes are clearer and more simple and we function better as a team. Our studio needed guidance on where to focus our efforts to grow revenue and how to retain clients. She has helped us do just that! Laura’s recruiting and sales training program were instrumental in helping us hire the right staff, and in turn, double the number of new memberships each month.”
Jill Hybertsen Manager Indie Yoga, San Diego